"I Carry My Cross, to the Lord"

What's the Story behind the song?

The song "I Carry My Cross" is my first official single to be published. The words of this song came to my heart back in 2011 and at that time in my life, I couldn't see nor understand why these words came to me. The words were so clear that I sang them and draft recorded the song without even putting it on paper but still I had no real spiritual connection to it. During that period in my life, I couldn't feel spiritually.

Reflecting now, It's apparent that the Lord knew that one day I would need these same words to comfort myself in a real difficult time which did come eventually. Today, I bare my testimony that the power of God is real, his miracles occur every day in our lives even when we can't see them clearly. Why else was this song placed on my heart at a time that I couldn't even relate to it?

I share this song with the world for it simply to be a blessing to someone, anyone. This song is not about fame, fortune, riches, prestine music quality, showing off an expensive recoding studio nor for popularity: I just want someone to hear it and be blessed by it. For someone to find comfort and peace from listening to the words. For the words to be just what you wanted to hear at the time.

Song Demo

Supporting the work

If you wish to support the movement by purchasing the song from iTunes, please feel free, my family and I will greatly appreciate it.

Family Charity

It is our goal to contribute 20% of all sales profit to our favorite Family Charity here in Jamaica. We believe that Charity is the pure love of Christ and as such, we were only put on this earth to use his words and gifts to help others as we seek exhaltation to return to live with him.



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a glimpse of her better days. My mom died on August 9th, 2016


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Emily & Ethan were born on July 21st 2016


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This webpage is not about me, its about what God has done for us. If in anyway my music or blogs has touched or blessed your life, please feel free to share your story below to be published here.