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Thank you for deciding to read these ministries. Why is it called my almost daily ministries? I don't just write because there is wind within my lungs and thoughts upon my mind. But almost daily, there is a message that comes over me so strongly that I just have to put it in writing and share with you all.

This is how the Holy Spirit works. Some days you have a strong conviction to share a very specific message and sometimes you don't. I just let my life and thoughts be lead by the Holy Spirit.

I sure do hope you will enjoy these very short writings and most of all, I hope that some of these messages will be able to impact your own life. There is no other purpose that we are here on earth than to live in families and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the world.

Be Blessed

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This webpage is not about me, its about what God has done for us. If in anyway my music or blogs has touched or blessed your life, please feel free to share your story below to be published here.